Monday, February 28, 2011

Aspen's Sweet Sixteen

So my baby girl is now officially sixteen, can't believe it- the years have flown by. This weekend we threw her a  big Sweet Sixteen party complete with over 60 guests, D.J. (my brother Stace), 3 tier cake, ice sculpture, black lights, several gifts and yes, a car.  Her Dad got her a 2000 Black Honda Prelude, she was so surprised and very excited. Still can't get used to the fact that she will be driving herself around soon. She hopes to take her drivers test this week and get her license. Wow, what a week this has been. Thank goodness we had lots of help with the party preparations and several family and friends that helped us pull it all off. A special thank you to all of them for their efforts. We tried to keep costs down by doing most everything ourselves and Scott's work donated the banquet hall. Anyhow enough with the talk, the pictures say it better:

Aspen and her Dad in her new car.

The cake that Aspen chose, Grandma baked and I decorated.

Aspen with her little brother Billy.

All the kids at the party.

The ice sculpture, by the talented French Chef Marc.

Perhaps the rowdiest kid at the party, Aspen's littlest brother Gabe rolling on the floor.

Make a Wish
  Those are just a few of the highlights, hope to make some great layouts with the photos. Happy Monday!

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  1. Happy Sweet SIXTEEN!!! GORGEOUS pics! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)