Saturday, January 21, 2012

Gabriel Turns 3!

 So things have been really busy here, but I wanted to share pictures from Gabe's birthday on 12/27/11 and from his party on 01/01/12. Once again the immediate family got to enjoy a day off on his actual birthday and celebrated all day at Easton. Here is a photo recap:
We woke Gabe up early and he opened Grandma Mary and PaPa Rick's card first.

Grandma Nancy and PaPa Dan stopped by early on their way out of town to visit with my Aunt Betty in Virginia. Love Gabe's grumpy face, he wasn't quite awake yet. They gave him a gift card to Half Price books, which purchased 2 movies and 8 new books!

His first Birthday gift from Mommy and Daddy was a brand new mow-mow just like Daddy's.
Our first stop at Easton was to get a new stuffie at Build-a-Bear, this year his choice was this super cute fox.

So we waited in a very long line...

Then finally it was Gabe's turn to bring his fox, Finney, to life. Here he is picking out his heart, he also chose a beating heart for him.

Here Gabe is with his new friend Finney the fox, special thanks to Grandma Mary and Papa Rick- this was his choice with his birthday money.
Then we headed to eat at the Cheesecake Factory, thanks to two saved up gift cards from my boss.
Me and Aspen at our late lunch.

Daddy tells Gabe a surprise is coming after we ate...

Then surprise they brought Gabe a Birthday piece of cheesecake and sang to him!

Yummy, here is Gabe and his oreo birthday cheesecake.
One of the reasons we love to visit Easton this time of the year, it is beautiful.
Another shot from the sidewalk.

After such a big day Gabe was asleep before we left the parking garage. What a great day!
Then we celebrated his birthday with my Mom's birthday on New Years Day and here are the photos from that event:

Gabe's Birthday pumpkin pie, yummy.

Here is Gabe using his new Doctor kit on Daddy.

Dr. Gabriel gives Daddy a shot in the chest, Ouch!
Well that's it for now, I will share some projects soon!