Saturday, September 14, 2013

Gabe's First Day of Preschool

So Gabe officially began preschool on Sept. 15th at our church Thursday School program. He was so very excited and drove us crazy in the week prior asking us if it was Thursday yet. :) He got up had some breakfast and was ready for a mini photo shoot:

He looked quite handsome, but a little too grown up for Mommy and Daddy. Just not ready for him to grow up yet. Gabe on the other hand was ready, when we left him in his classroom he looked at us like Ok you can leave now (photo below). lol He did great, he was introducing himself to a little girl in his class before they even made it into the classroom. Typical Gabe to be sure.

So keep praying of our family as we transition Gabe into preschool and Aspen into college on the 27th, big changes in our household.