Thursday, September 27, 2012

5th Anniversary Getaway

So Scott and I were blessed to be able to sneak in a weekend getaway this past weekend to our favorite B&B in Logan, Ohio. It is called the Georgian Manner and it is right on Lake Logan in Hocking Hills area. We originally honeymooned in Hocking Hills so it is perfect for us. We have completely fallen in love with the place, and have become friends with the owners too. I just wanted to share pictures from our weekend.

It started out perfectly with a rare Mama deer and twin babies spotting a mile from our final destination

Photo of the Georgian Manner from the pavilion

So much waterfowl to enjoy, here is one of the swans. There was also lots of Canadian Geese, ducks, White Egrets and blue herons.

Then awaiting the delivery of our room key Scott entertained with a private piano concert on the lake in the pavilion; Yes I know I am spoiled. :)

Two unexpected concert attendees.

The view from our room's balcony.

Pic of us at the Conkles Hollow trailhead.

Photo from Conkles Hollow hike.

End of the Conkles Hollow Gorge trail.

A happy caterpillar we encountered along the way.

View of the manner from the canoe on the lake.

Us enjoying a canoe ride and some fishing.

On the way home we had an official Indy 500 pace car, lol.

We also enjoyed a dinner out with the owners at our favorite local restaurant, Millstone BBQ our other favorite is the Chinese Grand Buffet in Logan. I did sneak in a little shopping, at the Glass outlet and the Antique Mall, really love that place.

All good things must come to an end, but it was an amazing weekend and we can't wait to go back next year! The owner also would like Scott to come play piano at events occasionally so we are very excited about that too. Special thanks to Grandma Nancy for watching Gabriel all weekend  and to my fabulous inlaws for the wonderful Anniversary gift that arrived yesterday, an I-Need Shiatsu Back Massager. My how we did need that. :)

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